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Connect, celebrate and share in our city’s rich, radical and diverse food economy.
The SFN is a resource for people to find food that is LOCALLY produced, INDEPENDENTLY sold and FAIR.
It supports those fighting food poverty and groups growing food in the community and also gives contributing
businesses the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.


Local means food that’s grown, reared or produced locally and cuts down on food miles in its journey to our plates. We’re defining local as 20 miles from Sheffield with exceptions such as fish.


Independent is about supporting food businesses and projects that are owned and rooted in Sheffield to help money that’s spent here stay here


Fair refers to food that may be produced outside Sheffield, or even the UK, but is done so in an ethical way, whether that’s organic, free-range or fair-trade

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About us


Launched by Grow Sheffield in 2012, the SFN is a resource for people interested in good, ethically produced food, and in supporting the local food industry.

Foodies, outdoor enthusiasts and those keen to grow their own food or get involved in community food growing initiatives will find a wealth of helpful contacts.

Grow Sheffield, now based at Union St Co-working Space has a long history of working in the food growing sector and also hosts the Abundance project, harvesting unused fruit and distributing, preserving and pressing the yield with local communities.

Working with growers, producers, retailers and food campaigners SFN raises awareness, shares knowledges and strengthens all facets of the sector; enhancing Sheffield's ability to meet the most basic and important of needs – to feed its people.